Sea starter


Octopus tentacle

double cooked on cream white beans and cichory

Allergens 1.10.15

€ 15,00


Cod in batter

wth beer glaze, crumble almonds

and caramlized red onion


€ 15,00


Tartare palamita fish

cabage excract, fraiche and sesame brittle

Allergens 1.10.12

€ 15,00


Carpaccio “cernia fish”

with crazy water gelé,

seasonal vegetables and crunchy tria

 Allergens 1.4.10

€ 18,00



Land starter


Capocollo di Martina Franca

burrata and cicory

Allergens 3.10

€ 18,00 



Seafood first courses


Mixed pasta of Gragnano

smoked potato cream with fish


€ 16,00



with tartare of palamita fish,

cream cheese and pepper


€ 16,00


Mezzo pacchero “wholemeal pasta”

with swordfish, cherry tomatoes and black olives

Allergens 1.4.10

€ 14,00


First dish of the day

with fresh fish



Land first courses


Ravioli “stuffed pasta”

with cheese bufala, black olives and tomato sauce

reduction “amatriciana style”


€ 15.00


Second seafood courses


Fillet of sea bream

on cream carrots and ginger, fennel

and crumble black olives


€ 15,00


Swordfish rolls

sun-dried cherry tomatoes,

breaded mustard and hezelnuts on potato cream


€ 15,00


Purple prawns from Gallipoli “five pieces”

€ 30,00

available in different cooked


Fish of the day €/hectogram 6,00

Shellfish ( Lobster ) €/hectogram 12,00


Second land courses


Horse fillet

cooked in negroamaro wine

on potatoes


€ 18,00


Smoked veal cheek

with chao cream, cheese fondue

and dried fruit crunch


€ 20,00



If you want, it’s possible coccked meat or fish grilled by request

Side dishes


Grilled vegetables

“zucchine, aubergines, peppers with bread and cappers”

Waiting 10 minuts

Allergens 4.10

€ 6,00


Mixed salad

“green, rocket, carrots, Pachino tomato”

€ 5,00




Tiramisù cream

with almonds, coffee biscuit and cocoa


€ 5,00

It is recommended to combine with:

Passito di Pantelleria



limoncello cream, and caramelizzed almonds


€ 5,00

It is recommended to combine with:

Janneau Grand Armagnac vsop



cheese “ricotta”, biscuits and coulis red fruits

Allergens: 3.4

€ 6,00

It is recommended to combine with:

Oban “whisky”


Mixed seasonal fruits

€ 6,00

It is recommended to combine with:

Elisir Gambrinus



Allergen list

Table service € 3.00 per person

Extra services € 3.00 per person for any dessert or wine pouring provided by the host

*Only raw fish are tratted by CE 853/2004.